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Ramadan Mubarak from all of us behind The Beauty of Islam. May Allah bless you all during this month and bring peace and tranquility to your hearts and minds. May you all make changes for the better that you continue to carry with you after this month. May all of your fasting, prayers, and duas be accepted and granted. And may you all be surrounded by those who have pure intentions who send good vibes your way. Ameen :)
Jazakallahu khair for all your submissions, questions, messages and efforts in helping this blog to continue growing.
The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind. But the goodness of a person spreads in all direction - Chanakya

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No matter what anybody says about grief, and about time healing all wounds, the truth is, there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken.
—Tiffanie DeBartolo, God-Shaped Hole (via simply-quotes)
Dear Allah. Tonight. And each night from tonight. Please forgive our sins. Open the doors of mercy to us all. Ameen

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Bagaimana jika aku tak sebaik yang kau duga?
masihkah ada yang kau banggakan dariku?
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If you were the future
And I was the past
If I was too slow
And you were too fast

I will still. Whenever, whatever it takes.


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